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The Bharat Scouts & Guides, National Headquarters
Lakshmi Mazumdar Bhawan, 16, M.G.Marg, I.P.Estate, New Delhi – 110 002

All the State Secretaries
State Associations of
The Bharat Scouts & Guides

Dear Sir/ Madam,
Applications for Registration for the Award of Rashtrapati Scout/ Guide/ Rover/ Ranger Badge are invited from the eligible candidates who fulfill the requirements as given for Rashtrapati Scout/Guide/Rover/Ranger Award in APRO Part-II and III for respective Sections. All the candidates as well as the District Associations are strictly advised to check  the application forms thoroughly  before forwarding them to the State Headquarters as well as State Headquarters are also advised to check them before forwarding to the National Headquarters to avoid disappointment of rejections of the forms at the last moment.

While forwarding the applications, please ensure the following:-

  1. A Unit must have charter number (Registration Number) and up to date renewal.
  2. A Unit Leader must be minimum Advanced Trained and having valid Warrant.
  3. No Unit leader is eligible to recommend more than 25% of the members of his/her unit (24/32) for the Award. (Maximum 6 to 8 Scout/Guide/Rover/Ranger as the case may be).
  4. Date of Birth should be supported by a certificate issued by the Head of Institution where the applicant is studying, in case the candidate has appeared for Board examination, photocopy of the Board certificate duly attested should be attached.
  5. The Date of investiture on the Registration form and the information Sheet should be the same; if the dates differ the application will be rejected automatically.
  6. The Dates of completion of Pravesh, Pratham Sopan, Dwitiya Sopan, Tritiya Sopan and Rajya Puraskar should be as per the progressive advancement provided in APRO Part II /III for Scouts & Guides and Pravesh, Praveen, Nipun in case of Rovers and Rangers. Candidates attending Prospective Rashtrapati Award Testing Camp should produce Progress Test Card from the date of joining the Unit at the time of registration and when demanded by an Examiner during the Testing camp.
  7. The Date of completion of Rajyapuraskar/Nipun will be last day of the testing camp conducted by the State i. e. the date on which the state declares the candidate eligible for Rajya Puraskar/Nipun Award.
  8. The Proficiency Badges should be completed within the Stage during which the Scout/ Guide/Rover/Ranger work for attaining the next higher stage. All Proficiency Badges must be tested by the Independent Badge Examiner appointed by the Badge Committee (District/ Local Association) and required details be given in the information sheet. (Unit Leader is not eligible to be the Independent Badge Examiner of the same Unit). Information Sheet will have to be completed and attached in duplicate with the registration/applications forms. Certificates of the Independent Badge Examiners should be countersigned by the concerned District Commissioners and to be produced by the candidates in the testing camps.
  9. Tritiya Sopan Testing/Praveen Testing should be conducted at District Level.
  10. The Proficiency Badges of Rajya Puraskar level is to be completed after Tritiya Sopan.
  11. Rajya Puraskar Testing/ Nipun Testing Camp must be conducted at the State Level and qualified Scouts/Guides, Rovers/Rangers be awarded Rajya Puraskar/Nipun Award Certificate by the respective States. A copy of the Rajya Puraskar Certificate or if not yet awarded, a provisional  Certificate should be enclosed.
  12. The requirements for Rashtrapati Award such as Camping, Ambulance (man) Badge, Service Project, Hike and CD project, Badge Instructors / Teaching Games are to be completed after completion of Rajya Puraskar.
  13. A Unit Leader producing Rashtrapati Scout/Guide/Rover/Ranger Award must also work for Prime Minister Shield/Upa-Rashtrapati Rover/ Ranger Award Scheme. We are linking the 36 Hours sustained service (spread over 2 months) provision in the syllabus relevant to the provisions of Community Service Project and Community Development Project in Prime Minister  Shield and Upa- Rashtrapati Award Scheme.
  14. The duration of Project undertaken i.e. Hike, CD Project should be as per APRO Part II/III. The CD Project should be spread over at least in a period of six months.
  15. Application forms for registration of the Rashtrapati Award Testing Camp have been made as per syllabus. All applications will be accepted in the prescribed forms and in duplicate only i.e. 02 sets each of Registration/Application Form and Information Sheet with  the list mentioning – 1. Serial Number, 2. Application form number, 3. Name of Candidate, 4. Father’s Name, 5. Date of Birth, 6. Date of Rajya Puraskar/Nipun (Enclosed Certificate), 7. Name of the Unit, 8. District.
  16. Registration/Application forms are available for sale in the Supply Service Department of National Headquarters.
  17. Skills up to the Tritiya Sopan/Praveen, Rajya Puraskar and Nipun Test will also be tested in the Prospective Rashtrapati Award Testing Camps.
  18. Rovers/ Rangers of the same unit must select different subject on “World Affairs” and submit a report to Crew / Team Council.
  19. All Prospective Rashtrapati Award Testing Camps will be held at Regional Level. The name of Testing Centres is already circulated vide NHQ Circular No. 60/07 dated 24.07.2007. No Testing camp will be conducted in the building. The Prospective Rashtrapati Testing Camps will be held in open ground with camping under canvas at the well-established Training Centres only.
  20. Last date of receiving application at National Headquarters is 31st July 2013. Applications received after 31st July 2013 will be considered for the year 2014. No extension will be given.                  

            The applications in prescribed Registration Form together with Information Sheet each in duplicate may be sent by the States to the National Headquarters, Bharat Scouts & Guides, New Delhi as and when received in their State Headquarters, without waiting for all the applications to be collected and sent in one lot.

             Thanking you with regards,

Yours Sincerely,

(Rakesh Kumar Sharma)
Officiating Director

Encl: Guidelines.

 Copy to:
            1. All the Office Bearers of the Bharat Scouts & Guides, National Headquarters.
            2. All the members of National Executive & Finance Committee, BS&G.
            3. All Dy. Directors/ Assistant Directors, BS&G, NHQ/ Regional Hqrs./ NTC/NAI.
            4. All ROC (S/G), NHQ/ Regional Hqrs./ NTC.

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