Thursday, April 30, 2015

With your blessings I stood up for ROT and applied after a big gap . . . . .

Dear friends, you will be happy to know that with your blessing once again I am ready to take more responsibilities as LT (S) and applied as under:-

To                                                                                            29-04-2015
          The State Training Commissioner (Scout)
Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan,
New Delhi.

Sub: - Re-Orientation Course for Trainers scheduled to be held at Pachmarhi from  15.05.2015 to 17.05.2015 (Three Days).
          In continuation to my non formal oral and written request regarding ROT which was submitted to you at Bhopal on dated 20-04-2015 (copy enclosed), in this regard I am to say that I received a copy of the ROT application from an old friend.
          Now, please find enclosed herewith the same (duly filled and recommended) for your consideration, recommendation and onward transmission (through e-mail) to NTC BS&G.
If possible, please keep me informed so that I may be ready for ROT and do the necessary preparation well in time.
Your personal support is solicited.
          Yours faithfully
Encl: As above/ two.
डा. बदरूल इस्लाम
 (Dr. B. ISLAM)
Ex. State Training Commissioner (Scout), KVS BS&G, New Delhi.
Ex. State Organizing Commissioner (Scout), KVS BS&G, New Delhi.
Ex. National Council Member, the Bharat Scout and Guide, New Delhi.
Ex. National Executive, the Bharat Scout and Guide, New Delhi.

Yoga Teacher, Kendriya Vidyalaya Andrews Ganj
Andrews Ganj, New Delhi – 110024

Mobile: +91-09810224080

Now, my health state is better and I can serve as assistant in Basic and Advanced courses after ROT

Dear Friends, 

        with your blessings:-
                                          Now, my health state is better and I can serve as assistant in Basic and Advanced courses after ROT. The following letter submitted to STC KVS during LOCs/LTs/ALTs Meet- 2005 at Bhopal.

Thursday, April 23, 2015


Hearty Congratulation on successfully completion of 2 days meeting of LOCs (Rajya Puraskar)/ ALTs and LTs-2015 of KVS BS&G at Bhopal

Friday, April 17, 2015


 Now a day, I was busy with NCERT on development of Yoga Curriculum for Schools and to prepare study material for this purpose. The outcome will be two Yoga Books (one for Class VI to VIII and other for Class IX and X).

 I hope the Books will be released by Honourable Prime Minister of India at the occasion of UNO declared 1st International Yoga Day i.e. 21-06-2015.

Please support this India International event for the name and fame of our beloved nation.

(Dr. B. ISLAM)


(Dr. B. ISLAM)