Saturday, May 24, 2014

Request to film girls speaking on what Girl Guiding/Girl Scouting means to them

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    Shivangi Saxena
    good evening sir
    please see the msg
    this is golden opportunity for Guides
  • Shivangi Saxena
    Shivangi Saxena
    Subject: FOR ACTION: Request to film girls speaking on what Girl Guiding/Girl Scouting means to them
    Sir/Madam There is a project of WAGGGS to gather short films featuring girls speaking on what Girl Guiding/Girl Scouting means to them. What to film: · Ask subject what Girl Guiding/Girl Scouting means to them in three words (or very short few word phrases), for example, 'Fun, Friendship, Adventure' or 'Speaking out, International Adventures and Education'
    · Subject should speak in their native language, clearly and slowly.
    · After the subject has spoken, they should pause for 3 seconds and then give their Girl Guide or Girl Scout salute to camera, and smile. Think of something funny when you salute- we want natural, happy faces who reflect the modern movement.
    Set up 1. Subjects should be well lit and free from any major shadows. Subjects should be 'head and shoulders', with scarf showing. Face the camera head on, or slightly to one side if this is more comfortable. Try to muffle any echoes and minimize external noise- do several sound checks if you can (do a take then go into a quiet room to check for interference) Try outside takes as well as inside, so we have a choice. You can use video camera, camera with video function or smartphone camera with video function to record, but please make sure lighting and sound are good enough and the subject does not speak too fast (so ample time can be given for subtitles). Also please ensure there are no major background noises.
    For girls under 18 years old, please ensure you obtain their parent’s consent. Submit two video/film of Guides and two films of Ranger or Lady Unit Leaders. (Total 4 video clippings) Deadline to submit: 26 May 2014 Submit to: We understand if files are too large to send by email. You can share with us via Google Drive, One Drive or Drop-box if necessary. Thank you. Regards,

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