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FEEL PROUD on Chldern work.

Do such work Parent may say in their prayers give us such children

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Balle-Balle: Duty timing in the School premisess becam less.

KVS HQ letter regarding: Rashtrapati Scouts and Guides Testing Camps.

केन्द्रीय विद्यालय संगठन
भारत स्काउट्स एवं गाइड्स
१८, संस्थागतक्षेत्र, शहीद जीत सिंह मार्ग, नई दिल्ली११००१६
दूरभाष/Tel::26965168, फैक्स/Fax No.26514179, वेबसाइट/Website:


F.110353/02/2013-KVS (Acad.)/ BS&G                                                                            Dated: 11.03.2014
The Deputy Commissioner
Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan
All Regional Offices                                                    
Sub:-  Rashtrapati Scouts and Guides Testing Camps.
With reference to BS&G NHQ letter no. B.S.G/N.H.Q/JDS/3219/2013-14 dt 28.02.2014, I am to inform you that Rashtrapati Scouts & Guides Testing Camps – 2013 of KVS are scheduled to be held at K.V,Sector, 8, R.K.Puram,New Delhi   w.e.f 14.04.2014 to 18.04.2014. Eligible Scouts of KVS who did not to participate in First Camp 27.01.2014 to 31.01.2014 & Second Camp 01.02.2014 to 05.02.2014 & eligible 142 Guides of KVS who were selected to participate as per list enclosed would attend this camp.
The details of the Testing Camps are as under:-
Name of the Event
 Rashtrapati Scouts and Guide Testing Camps – 2013
Kendriya Vidyalaya, Sec 8,R.K.Puram, New Delhi-110022
14.04.2014 to 18.04.2014.
Reporting Date
13.04.2014 A/N
Departure Date
18.04.2014 After Lunch
Development Fees
Rs.50/- per head for Scout/Guide
Rs. 100/- per head for Unit Leader
Special Fees
Rs. 30/- per head for Scout/Guide and Unit Leader
(Unit leaders are allowed in 10:01 ratio)
Scout/Guide TA/DA, Development Fee & Special Fee will be met out of VVN of Vidyalaya concerned.
What to bring
1.      Attested copy of date of birth certificate
2.     A passport size colour photograph with complete uniform.
3.     Usual camp kit with gadget materials
4.     Correct & complete uniform as per APRO III,
5.     Materials for testing- Progress Card, Log Books, related documents and certificates, Proficiency Badges Materials, Writing board, Pen, Geometry Box etc.

 Note:- All the eligible scouts/guides may be informed that No Other Rashtrapati  Camps for Scouts & Guides -2013 will be organized hence they must utilize this opportunity. Development fees & Special fee will be deposited to NHQ Official attending the camp. Miscellaneous expenditure of the camps may be borne by ‘KVS BS&G Divisional Association Fund of Delhi Region” 
              You are requested to disseminate the information regarding the Camps to Vidyalaya concerned for necessary preparation for participation.
            This issues with the approval of the competent authority.    
                                                                                                                                                Yours faithfully,

 Encl: - List of eligible 142 Guides.                       
[Dr (Smt.) V.Vijayalakshmi]
                                                                State Commissioner (Guides), KVS State BS&G  
& Joint Commissioner (Acad)

Copy To: - 1. The Director, BS&G National Headquarters for information please. 
   2. The Assistant Director, BS&G Northern Region for information please.

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The List of the Guides who are invited for Rashtrpati Guide Testing Camp to be held at NYC, Gadpuri, Haryana from 14th to 18th April 2014. 2014.