Thursday, February 23, 2017



          Today on 22-02-2017 overseas nations are celebrating the World Thinking Day with 122 countries in befitting manner. At this occasion my students are also celebrating the same as per the customs are, but in the 2nd phase, on MY YOUTH TEAM also planned to celebrate the day to follow the content, guideline to give practically weight-age to the teachings given by the founder of the Scouting movement (the Lord Stephenson Smith Baden Powel of Gill-will).

          He said; “A Man with hobbies never has time to waste”. Since this day each one member of the group of KVAG will work;

 (i) To develop hobby as per the test.

(ii) To re-boost the character of “Health Awareness”. In this connection proficiency in the Nutrition Education, Healthy Man, First Aider, Herbalist, Fitness Leader, Team Leader, Yoga Leader and Surf Smart etc. will be emphasized.

(iii) For the shining of colour of Selfless-Service of the society with the acquired skill, “the practicing Yoga as a hobby for self-care and care of others also decided”.
          To mark the occasion the group invited and warmly welcomed Yoga Champion Miss Sonia pal, who actively participated and inspired the students to do so. She observed 6MYPs (as IYP Youth Leadership Project), pair-Yoga-skill, individual performance of my students and on inspiration of group she also successfully tried chakrasan with Padmasan on it (for the 1st time in her life). Later on Miss Sonia Pal shared her experience with my students and assured them full support for their future as Yoga demonstrator. She mixed with the students nicely and offered firsthand experience of some yoga practices such as “wall supported chair practice” etc. . . . . . . 

          I expect, the world thinking day with the idea of “yoga servicing hobby” is suitable to us to make ourself happy, health and as responsible contributory citizen. I am also sure with this way we will be able to build our surroundings ideal one.


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