Thursday, July 30, 2015

Introduction of “Surf Smart” Internet Safety activity in KVS BS&G.

भारत स्काउट्स एवं गाइड्स BHARAT SCOUTS & GUIDES
Tkokgj yky usg: विश्वविद्यालय ifjlj] u;k egjkSyh ekxZ
ubZ fnYyh] NEW DELHI – 110067-01

फा. क्र. 190353/1/2015-16/शैक्षिक/स॰आ॰(इं॰कौ॰)/के॰वि॰सं॰(दि॰स॰)/                    दिनांक:- 28.07.2015                                                  
ईमेल- द्वारा
 केंद्रीय विद्यालय एंड्रूज़ गंज ( Andrews Ganj ), नई दिल्ली,
 दिल्ली संभाग ।

Sub.:- Introduction of “Surf Smart” Internet Safety activity in your events / programmes.
Reference – 1. के॰वि॰सं॰ राज्य, भारत स्काउट& गाइडस पत्रांक . 110353/23/2015-के॰वि॰सं॰ (शैक्षिक)/ भा॰स्का॰एवं॰गा॰/359-360, दिनांक: 28.07.2015 (प्रतिलिपि संलग्न)
2. Letter/Circular No. & dt.  B.S.G/NHQ/W.N.C-2015/1367/2015-16 dt. 24.07.15
          With reference to subject cited above  with request to please  depute  Dr. B. Islam, LT (S) to spread awareness on Internet Safety by delivering Surf Smart Curriculum among Unit Leaders and Youth in the second half of 31st .07.2015 at KV DL Meerut Cantt. during Tritiya Sopan Testing Camp – 2015 in progress. In this regard he is requested to arrange the said course for teachers (Unit Leaders ) for 2 to 3 hours  who are not involved in testing schedule . Similarly this activity for Scouts and Guides can be for 45 minutes as per his own convenient without disturbance to their scheduled programmes. You are requested to relieve them accordingly.       

He will be entitled for TA/DA as per KVS rules.
संलग्न:- यथोपरि                                                                                                                                                            भवदीया

( इंदु कौशिक )
सहायक आयुक्त एवं
उप- मण्डल आयुक्त
के.वि.सं. (दिल्ली संभाग )
प्रतिलिपि:- . राज्य सचिव, के॰वि॰एस॰ रा॰ भा॰ स्का॰ एवं गा॰ एवं सहायक आयुक्त को  सूचनार्थ।
 २.निदेशक, भा॰ स्का॰ गा॰ मुख्यालय , नई दिल्ली को उपरोक्त संदर्भित ई-मेल के संदर्भ मेँ सूचनार्थ।

  सहायक आयुक्त एवं मंडलायुक्

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