Wednesday, January 7, 2015

march past of scouts & guides

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F .No.27 -2 / 2014-KV s (HR)/
The Principals
All KVs of Hyderabad t Secunderabad (19 KVs)
qi-Jfq t5rdf,q - Fflrdrq / Regional office - Hyderabad
B*u, friilrfla / Picket, SECLINDERABAD- 500 009
website:; E-mail:;
Dt:06.01 .2015
Sub: March Post of Scouts & Guides , Hyderabad
at KV 2 UPPol, HYderobod - reg
BY Moil
Division on 26.Ot.15
with reference to the aforesaid subject, it has been decided to conduct
MARCH PAST of Scouts ond Guides on Republic Day at KV 2 Uppol on
26.01.2015 at 10.00 om.
Guide captains. The deputed scouts and Guides may be given proper
ln this connection,
(Tritiya sopna and above)
Uppot along with escort
trainiing at their vidYalaYas
of their TGT(P&HE). The
The contingent of 10 Scouts
26.01 .2015 at KV 2 UPPaI bY 07.00 am
you are directed to depute 10 Scouts and 10 Guides
of your KV to take part in the March Past at KV 2
teachers preferably Basic/Advanced Scout Master &
by their Adult leaders for the March Past with help
Scouts and Guides will report at l(\/ 2 Uppol on
and 10 Guides will rePdrt again on
for the March Past.
24.01.2015 for rehearsals at 08.00 AM ond will be relieved by 12.00 noon'
Further, all principals are instructed to celebrate Republic. day at their
vidyalayas as usual. They are requested to cooperate and ensure that their
team wil participate in the programme. For more details, they may liaison with
Principal, KV 2 Uppol for the smooth conduct of the programme.
The following points moy be noted for complioncei
scouts / Guides participating in the March Past shoulld wear same colour scarf
for uniformity. scarf colour-may differ from one KV to another. But the scouts
and Guides irom one KV should wear the Same colour scarf.
Adult leaders escorting the Scouts / Guides for the Martch past should be in the
complete and correct uniform.

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